1.  That the club be called the Weston Angling Club Runcorn and that membership be

     open to all within a maximum limit set by the committee.

2.  That the Weston Angling Club Runcorn will be a none profit making organisation

     dedicated to the promotion of angling for all without discrimination as to race, creed,

     sex or age.

 3.  That the officers shall be President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer together with a

     representative where possible of each area to form the committee.

 4.  That the committee shall transact the business of the club, five to form a quorum, membership of the committee shall be open to all in the club, the committee to be a maximum of thirteen (13) members.

5.  That the committee be empowered to raise funds by bank loan, Sports Council Grant,

     Loan or any other means, if it is deemed in the best interest of the club to do so. Any

     such loans to be responsibility of the club to repay.

6.  That committee members attend at least one meeting in three. Failure to do so may

     result in loss of committee status, the committee having the power to co-opt another member in his or her place until the next A.G.M.

7.  That the club year shall begin on the 1st day of January, the A.G.M. to be held before

     the end of December each year.

Retiring officers shall be eligible for re-election

 All nominations and business for the agenda for the A.G.M. should be sent in writing

     to arrive not less than fourteen (14) days before the A.G.M.

 Business for discussion at the A.G.M. to be confined to the printed agenda.

Alternate committee meetings are to be committee only. see list in the card

8.  That the committee members be elected for two years. The committee to be split into

     two halves standing for re-election in alternate years.

9.  That all proposals for the A.G.M. Are restricted to changes in the clubs Constitution,

     General Rules, Match Rules or Committee membership.

10. That the committee be empowered to allow free fishing on any club water to people

      that we think in the best interests of the club to do so. For example land owners,

      Police, Fire Service.

11.  Pensioner ages are 65 years old and over for men and 60 years old and over for ladies.

12.  The committee reserves the right to refuse membership to any person for any reason it

       considers legitimate.

13.  The committee reserves the right to amend or suspend this constitution pending an E.G.M.

       to be organised within 28 days the membership to be notified in advance of an E.G.M.

14.  The committee reserves the right to introduce, amend or suspend any general club or

       match fishing rules given reasonable grounds. This would normally be done at an A.G.M.

       But may be done at any time given grounds. In the event of any such changes committee

       will seek ratification at the next A.G.M.

15.  The committee shall appoint auditors to audit the club financial accounts every two years.

16.The committee can not be voted out in block.