Welcome to the website for , Weston Angling Club Runcorn.

Just a few words about the club.

We are the oldest Angling Club in Runcorn.

It has been and always will be a private members only club, Which means you can only fish this with a membership licence, (template of which is available on this site).

                                        NO DAY TICKETS.

Here is a few pictures for you to view, we are an Equal opportunities club , but also its licence application is as when they are applied for, there is a waiting list to join so DON’T expect membership the same year as you apply, but you will be kept in the records.

Please keep the toilets clean, no smoking in them , your gate key will give you access to them, ladies need a different key.

Heres a few pictures to view

This is a secure car park, its everyone's responsibility to lock the gate on entry and exit, No parking on the road or substation.

Please find below, your Applications for your licences, please do not fish without these on your persons , you will be asked to leave 





Charlie McDermaid

07903 667269

Treasurer/card secretary only ring in emergencies regarding any lake issues.

Colin Marron

07739 583278

Club secretary.   only ring in emergencies regarding any lake issues.